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Property Shield, Inc. was founded with passion and simplicity in mind to design an intuitive tool that enables cataloging of home and business property in less than 1 minute per asset.

The founders of the company have 25 years of experience in the insurance and finance industry, their experiences have seen numerous instances when their clients have had little or no documentation to support insurance claims. Financial Net Worth statements seldom include the investment of personal property that is generally overlooked for estate planning.

There are many other areas having a detailed catalog of your property can benefit from this tool that we all seldom think about until the time of need.

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  • Homeowner’s and Renters

    • Knowing the correct amount of personal property in your home to ensure you have sufficient insurance coverage and identify what personal property that may need to be scheduled.

    • Having proof of ownership of your property to validate and expedite insurance claims.

    • Knowing what you have and the value of your property at offsite storage.

  • Financial Planning

    • The value of your personal property investment can be included in your Net Worth Statement.

    • Having the correct life insurance coverage to cover estate/death taxes of Personal property.

  •  Estate Planning

    • Property Shield provides in our tool the ability for you to designate disposition of your belongings to loved ones and eliminate confusion when there is a life changing event.

  • Divorce and Separation

    • The disposition feature in our tool allows you to designate who the property belongs to. 

    • Knowing the property value for each party can be considered for settlement that is always required.

  • Property Loaned/out for Repair

    • The disposition feature of this tool can be used to identify who has your property and time stamped when the event occurred.

  • Military and Transient Executives

    • Knowing the exact value of your property is typically underestimated to pennies on the dollar by moving companies as they estimate the value by weight not by value.

    • By having your own inventory, you can easily verify delivery of your property after a move.

  • Business Owner

    • Understanding your investment of Business Property to ensure you have the correct insurance coverage in the event of a claim.

    • Knowing the value of your business assets for Business Property Taxes and Depreciation

    • Selling your business, your Business Property can be more accurately valued with a record of all Business Property clearly identified.

    • If you have Buy/Sell agreements or Key Man Insurance, is that sufficient to include al business owned property.

Property Shield, Inc. is committed to providing our clients piece of mind that detailed documentation of their Personal and Business Property is safe and secure, and is always available to support any life changing event where having you’re your Personal and Business Property documented is paramount.

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